Monday Mar 27, 2023

Deion Sanders says ex-NFL head coach will help his Colorado staff – Yardbarker


Deion Sanders has already attracted An excellent deal of consideration to his Colorado program by way of his recruiting work and change portal acquisitions, however his teaching staff May even be drawing consideration.

Sanders visited with “The Pregame Current” for an interview that was revealed this week. Inside the interview, Sanders talked Regarding the expertise on his teaching staff, And the method having succesful coaches with head coach expertise helps “insulate” him.

Sanders additionally boasted that not solely does he have the coaches already listed on staff, however completely different notable ones as properly.

“Taggart’s coming too, by The biggest method. Coach Zimmer’s coming too, by The biggest method,” Sanders famous.

Taggart is Willie Taggart, who was a head coach at Western Kentucky, South Florida, Oregon, Florida State and Florida Atlantic. He Shall be working as an analyst for Sanders’ Colorado staff.

Zimmer is Mike Zimmer, The earlier Minnesota Vikings head coach. Zimmer coached Sanders on the Dallas Cowboys and was a longtime defensive coordinator in each school soccer and the NFL earlier than turning Proper into a head coach. He helped out Sanders as an analyst for Jackson State final yr And might serve in The identical performance for Colorado.

Colorado went 1-11 final season and was the worst Power 5 program in the nation. All eyes Shall be on Deion to see how a lot his recruits, changes and coaches can flip Throughout the Buffs.

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